2024 – Coaching

Coaching with Bill Dow begins this coming weekend. There are seven sessions (see below). Please arrive by 9.50am so that the sesssion can start promptly.

Saturday 18 May: 10am-12pm
Dave Foster
Jackie Hill
Dave Hill
Lief Prior
David Prior
Sonja Walsh

Sunday 26 May: 10am-12pm
Wendy Bragg
Alan Bragg
Bob Cant
Colin McLean
Sue Thomas

Saturday 1 June: 10am-12pm
Mike Dickman
Pat Holt
Kevin Holt
Jean Huyton
Maggie King
Thora McAteer

Saturday 8 June: 10am – 12pm
Kath Adams
Geoff Beard
Howard Buckler
Laura Preston

Sunday 16 June: 10am – 12pm
Sue Birch
Anne Jones
Chris Leadbetter
Karen McWhan
Margie Unsworth
Ken Unsworth

Saturday 22 June: 10am – 12pm
Brenda Cantliffe
Len Cantliffe
Sandra Hughes
Alan Hughes
Keith Moores
Dave Tilley

Saturday 29 June 10am-12pm
Liz Doyle
Sheila Jones
Bob McGuigan
Chris Seymour
Ian Seymour